Watchluke Lightroom Presets Free Download 2022

Watchluke Lightroom Presets Free Download 2022 zip-file, DNG & XMP. You will get kind of the same tone as Watchluke on your photo using this free presets. Remember this is just a base look to start with, this preset won’t do all the work for you. So after applying the preset you have to manually adjust the settings (Lights, Colors) to get the look you want. So hope you will like this lightroom presets free download zip.

On what kind of photos you can use this presets?

Well, the answer is any kind of photo. Cause every photo’s settings are different, But this presets mostly look great on the photos that are taken in nature, water-fall, and forests. You can always customize the settings, the benefits are you will get a base look to work with using presets. This is one of the best lightroom presets free download 2022.

What to fix if the presets don’t look good?

  • First, Play with the white balance. decrease if it’s way warm.
  •  Increase or decrease the exposure if your photo is too dark or too bright.
  • Try using the auto adjustment tool. On phone, you can see the button beside the light panel and on pc, you can see the auto adjustment (Auto) tool on the Tone panel right side.
  • Fix the skin tone by reducing red or orange saturation. Also, you can change the hue to your liking.
  • If the presets don’t look good after these changes then use any other presets LOL!

You can download the XMP and DNG versions. So no matter, if you are an android or iPhone user you can use these, presets on your mobile, even on your compute.

How to add XMP presets to Lightroom Mobile

*On the latest versions of lightroom you can directly import XMP presets from the app. Just go to the presets panel and then at the top right corner you will see 3 dots, click on that and some options will appear. Click on the Import Presets and select any XMP presets and it will be added in your lightroom mobile app.

*First unzip the downloaded file using any app or software out there.

Also make sure lightroom mobile apk is closed or after installing XMP presets just close it and re-open it.

Go to your file manager app then copy or cut the presets folder then paste it to :

> Android>data>com.adobe.lrmobile>files>carouselDocuments>00000000…>Profiles>Settings>Userstyle 

How to add DNG presets to Lightroom mobile

*First unzip the downloaded file using any app or software out there.

 Now open your Lightroom mobile app then :

Click on the add image button then from the top change the option from Time to Device Folders. Now click on the 3 dots at the top right corner and un-check all the other options except for Raws. Now find the presets folder that you’ve downloaded. Then you can add the DNG presets!! 

Then open the DNG file or preset and click on the 3 dots at the top right corner and then copy settings! Now you just have to paste it into your photos. 

Watchluke Lightroom Presets Free Download 2022

Before & After

spenser sembrat dqFRxQAqsb4 unsplash AFTER
spenser sembrat dqFRxQAqsb4 unsplash 2 BEFORE

Download all the other premium presets without password!

A video tutorial on how you can manually create the look on lightroom mobile. The download link of Watchluke Lightroom Presets Free Download 2022 is down below, and for that, you will need a four-digit password. Password will appear in the video i-card or i-button at top right.

Download Link for Watchluke Lightroom Presets Free Download 2022

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