Free Cinematic Luts 2023 For Premiere Pro & Vn Video Editor

What are Cinematic LUTs?

Cinematic LUTs are color grading presets that can be applied to your footage to give it a more cinematic look. They can add depth, richness, and character to your video clips, making them stand out from the rest. Cinematic LUTs are designed to emulate the look and feel of professional film cameras, and they can help you achieve a certain look or mood that you want to convey in your video. They are often used in films, music videos, and commercials to enhance the visual appeal of the content.

Why use Cinematic LUTs?

Cinematic LUTs are important because they can transform your video footage from ordinary to extraordinary. They can help you tell your story in a more compelling and visually appealing way. Cinematic LUTs are especially useful when you’re working with footage that may not have the ideal lighting or color balance. By applying a Cinematic LUT, you can add warmth, depth, and contrast to your footage, which can make it look more professional and polished.

How to Use LUTs in Premiere Pro

Once you’ve downloaded the Cinematic LUTs, it’s time to start using them in Premiere Pro. The process is very simple and can be done in a few steps.

First, import your footage into Premiere Pro and create a new sequence. Then, apply your desired Cinematic LUT to your footage. To do this, go to the “Effects” tab and select “Lumetri Color.” Then, click on the “Creative” tab and select “Look.” Here, you can choose your desired Cinematic LUT from the drop-down menu.

Once you’ve applied your Cinematic LUT, you can further adjust the color balance and saturation using the Lumetri Color panel.

How to Use LUTs in Vn Video Editor App

The simplest way to use LUT on Android is through the VN Video Editor app. So, this is how the VN app uses LUTs.

1. Import your footage
You must first import your video into VN Video Editor in order to use LUTs. To do that, start the app, choose “New Project” then select and import the desired video content.

2. Import the LUTs
Go to the “Filter” section where you will find built-in filters that you can use. So to add your LUTs tap on the “Add” button or plus icon. This will open the file explorer now select the LUT you wanna add to the VN Video Editor.

3. Adjust the LUT
After applying your LUT, now you can change the settings to precisely control how your footage will look. Go to the “Adjust” section next to the Filter section where you can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and other settings.

What to fix if the Luts doesn’t look good?

  • On VN Video Editor try to increase or decrease the intensity.
  • And play with all the other settings like temperature exposure, saturation, etc.

A video tutorial on how you can import them on VN Video Editor. The download link of film look lut pack free download for VN Video Editor is down below, and for that, you will need a four-digit password.


Free Cinematic Luts preview Before Free Cinematic Luts preview after

Cinematic Luts For Premiere Pro & Vn Video Editor

A video tutorial on how you can use them on the Vn Editor app. The download link of Cinematic Luts 2023 is down below, and for that, you will need a four-digit password. The password will appear in the video i-card or i-button at the top right. So watch the full video without skipping!

Download all the premium presets & Luts without password! 1$ only 

Download Link for Cinematic Luts 

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